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CdS Photoresistor
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CdS photocell

Product Description

Epoxy-encapsulated Photoresistor with High-sensitivity and Good Spectral Characteristics. Photoresistor is a resistor which made of semi-conductor material, and the conductance changes with luminance variation. Photoresistor is widelyused in many industries, such as toys, lamps, camera, etc.

Vmax: 150V DC
Ambient temperature: -30 to +70 degree
Spectral peak: 540mm
Maximum Power Consumption: 100 mw
Photo resistance (10Lux): 5 to 200k Ohms
Dark resistance: 0.5 to 20M Ohms
R100 10: 0.5 to 0.9
Response time: 30ms, rise time, 30ms decay time
Φ3 series,Φ5 series,Φ7 series,Φ9 series,Φ10 series,Φ11 series,Φ12 series,Φ20 series etc.

Packing and Precaution:
1. This product is packed with the environmental protection material,100pcs per small package, 1000pcs per big package.
2. Avoid high temperature and humidity for storing.

We can offer special analog linear optocoupler which can completely replace the imported linear optocoupler VTL5C1、VTL5C2、VTL5C3、VTL5C4、VTL5C6、VTL5C7、VTL5C8、VTL5C9、VTL5C10.



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